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Monthly Archives: Wednesday March 26th, 2014

Meet our researchers

We are beginning a new series of researcher profiles today! Learn about our researchers and the work they are doing to restore lives after stroke. We begin with Dr. Lara Boyd, who runs the Brain Behaviour Research Lab at the University of British Columbia. She is studying small injuries in the brain to understand why people with similar strokes experience completely different recoveries. And, why some people respond well to rehabilitation therapy,

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It’s definitely time for a SPiN!

Stroke Program in Neurorecovery (SPiN) Workshop June 10-12 in Ottawa Immediately following Advances in Stroke Recovery, CPSR will be hosting the SPiN workshop on June 10-12 in Ottawa. This will be an exciting two-day event for trainees interested in stroke recovery research - and not to be missed! Here are a few SPiN 2014 highlights: Keynote lectures about the latest approaches in stroke recovery research, from a basic science and clinical

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Abstract submission now open for Advances in Stroke Recovery

Research abstracts are now being accepted for Advances in Stroke Recovery 2014 until April 25, 2014. Accepted abstracts will be posted online on the CPSR website and potentially featured in associated media releases. Please click here to access the online abstract submission system. Abstracts are welcome from national and international applicants from all disciplines. Authors may submit multiple abstracts. Abstracts may be submitted in English

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Cardiac rehab programs benefit the brain as much as the heart, study finds

For immediate release: March 12, 2014, 5 p.m. ET Exercise boosts blow flow to brain regions responsible for movement, cognition TORONTO - People who participate in exercise-based cardiac rehabilitation programs not only hike their fitness levels, they improve blood flow to the areas of the brain responsible for motor learning and memory. According to a study published today in PLOS ONE, a six-month program of aerobic exercise and resistance training

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