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Monthly Archives: Wednesday June 25th, 2014

Canadian study demonstrates benefit of prolonged heart monitoring after unexplained strokes: New England Journal of Medicine

For immediate release: Wednesday, June 25, 2014, 5 p.m. EDT Prevention of stroke due to atrial fibrillation “global health issue” A major 16-centre Canadian study, published June 26 in the prestigious New England Journal of Medicine, shows the benefit of prolonged heart monitoring to diagnose silent, but dangerous, irregular heart rhythms in people who have unexplained strokes. Findings of the three-year EMBRACE trial represent “an important

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‘MyWalk’ app monitors walking ability to help improve recovery after stroke

Tuesday, June 10, 2014: FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE 12:01 am EDT OTTAWA _ A new smartphone app that tracks balance and steadiness while walking aims to reduce falls among people who’ve had a stroke. At the Advances in Stroke Recovery meeting here today, University of Toronto researchers described how the MyWalk app uses a series of beeps and vibrations to alert users to asymmetrical gait, a common side effect of stroke. Previous studies have shown that

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Gout medication may boost brain recovery after stroke, study finds

Monday, June 9, 2014: FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE 1 pm EDT OTTAWA _ A drug commonly prescribed to treat gout, called Probenecid or Probalan, promotes brain cell growth in mice after stroke, according to unpublished findings presented today at Advances in Stroke Recovery, a national research conference. Findings could lead to fast-tracking the medication for use in people recovering from stroke, says researcher Dr. Leigh Anne Swayne of the University of

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Undiagnosed ‘micro-strokes’ deep in the brain may impede recovery from major strokes

Monday, June 9, 2014: FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE 12:01 am EDT Tiny speckles on brain scans could signal need for personalized therapies OTTAWA _ Small hidden brain injuries, or micro-strokes, may explain why people recover very differently after what appear to be similar kinds of strokes, according to research presented today at a national conference on stroke recovery. Researchers at the University of British Columbia are tracking the number and location

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CPSR Annual Report: Hot off the press!

We hope you will take time to read our 2013-14 Annual Report, which highlights research accomplishments, training and outreach activities and new directions for our organization. The report is available in English and French. Read it here:  CPSR_ENG

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Final program for Advances in Stroke Recovery now available

The final program for the CPSR's Advances in Stroke Recovery is now available for download: ASRProgramFINAL. It includes a full agenda, speaker profiles, poster-presention times, a map of the poster hall, pub night details, and more.

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Check out the final program for our SPiN workshop

The final program for the Stroke Program for Neurorecovery (SPiN) workshop, to be held in Ottawa June 10-12, is now available for download. SPiN Program 2014 FINAL. The SPiN workshop brings together young researchers from across the country to learn from expert faculty about basic science and clinical stroke research. Hands on participation will be complemented by demonstrations, lectures and data presentations. This workshop is targeted towards

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