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Monthly Archives: Wednesday October 29th, 2014

Canada needs to invest more in stroke recovery

Most people survive stroke but are left with limited therapy for physical, cognitive, psychological challenges   Canada needs a revolution in stroke, rebalancing care to put greater emphasis on rehabilitation and community reintegration of survivors, according to an article published today in Expert Reviews of Neurotherapeutics. The publication is timely because today, October 29, is World Stroke Day -- a day to highlight issues and challenges

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Take part in our online Stroke Recovery Hangout on Nov. 1

Professional golfer Andrew Parr, pictured above, who had a stroke at age 24, is among panellists participating in our first-ever online Stroke Recovery Hangout. This is an exciting new web-based outreach, support and community-building effort hosted by the Heart and Stroke Foundation and the HSF Canadian Partnership for Stroke Recovery. If you or someone close to you has experienced stroke and wants to know more about recovery, the latest research,

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Let’s use our bodies to protect our minds from dementia

CPSR research leader Dr. Sandra Black and Mary Lewis of the Heart and Stroke Foundation have produced this opinion piece, just published in the Globe and Mail, on the rising tide of dementia, which they call one of our greatest health challenges. "The evidence is clear that there is an intrinsic link between failing cardiovascular health and dementia. Between one- quarter and one-half of patients with heart failure also have cognitive impairment.

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