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Monthly Archives: Thursday March 12th, 2015

Clinician’s Guide to Aerobic Exercise

We are pleased to launch the Clinician’s Guide to Aerobic Exercise after Stroke. This guide is a summary of the full AEROBICS guidelines, developed as part of the Canadian Stroke Best Practice Recommendations. The Clinician’s Guide is a good resource for stroke rehabilitation professionals who are looking for a quick reference or refresher of the full set of guidelines, or as a starting place for those working with people with stroke and are

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Further evidence that the CPSR includes the top scientists in the world

CPSR scientist Molly Shoichet, who spoke at our Advances in Stroke Recovery meeting in June, has been awarded the prestigious L’Oreal/UNESCO for Women in Science Award. She is one of five women in the world being recognized for game-changing science. Dr. Shoichet works with our Scientific Director Dr. Dale Corbett on two CPSR projects — one probes the use of focused ultrasound in stroke recovery and another involves stimulation of stem cells

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