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Monthly Archives: Friday May 29th, 2015

CPSR-funded study on aerobic exercise post-stroke featured on CTV News

A CPSR-funded study to determine the appropriate dose of aerobic exercise to improve recovery from stroke has been featured on CTV news. The study (we call it the DOSE trial) involves CPSR researchers in BC, Alberta, and Ontario. CPSR researcher Dr. Sean Dukelow, Alberta Health Services stroke specialist, says the study looks to prove that stroke patients can handle increased activity and the exercise will boost their recovery. “We expect individuals

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Exercise intensity alters blood flow to brain after stroke, CPSR study shows

A CPSR study of 13 individuals with stroke (ages 37 to 88) shows aerobic exercise intensity affects blood flow in the brain, also known as cerebral blood flow (CBF). The study has just been published in the journal Experimental Brain Research. Designed to measure the impact of a single bout of aerobic exercise on CBF in people with stroke and examine the influence of exercise intensity, the study was funded in part by the CPSR's Dr. Tony Hakim

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New projects focus on post-stroke depression, stem cell therapies and more

CPSR has just funded a brand new bunch of really exciting research projects focused on post-stroke depression, cognitive recovery, balance and falls, the use of stem cell therapies to repair stroke damage, and speech rehabilitation. Check out our projects in our May newsletter.

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