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Monthly Archives: Thursday October 29th, 2015

World Stroke Day 2015 proclamation sounds alarm around stroke and dementia

Ottawa –October 29, 2015 — Stroke groups and experts from around the world are calling attention to the link between stroke and dementia and the need to focus on prevention in a global proclamation on World Stroke Day. The World Stroke Day Proclamation, led by Canadian neurologist and Heart and Stroke Foundation funded researcher Dr. Vladimir Hachinski, highlights the close link between stroke and dementia. Dementia may be preventable by stroke

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‘Combination approach’ of drug therapy and exercise reduces anxiety and depression after stroke in mouse model

Researchers at the University of Ottawa are studying the use of an anti-depressant drug called fluoxetine in combination with exercise to reduce anxiety and depression after stroke. More than a third of people who have a stroke experience depression and/or anxiety as a result of injury to their brains from stroke, which can worsen their outcome. Researchers have developed a unique mouse model to simulate post-stroke depression. Early results in the

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Diabetes and depression triple the risk of cognitive impairment after stroke

Diabetes and depression threaten cognitive ability among stroke survivors. A study by Toronto researchers found that having one co-morbidity doubled the risk of cognitive impairment, while having both tripled the risk. Funded by the HSF Canadian Partnership for Stroke Recovery, the study used screening tools to assess 342 patients within six months after stroke from six participating centres in Ontario. Diabetes and depression additively impacted

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