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Monthly Archives: Monday January 25th, 2016

CPSR study convinces Newfoundland man that stroke recovery continues

In one of the last pictures taken before his stroke, photojournalist Kevin Simmons was up to his elbows in bread dough. After retiring from a lengthy broadcasting career, the St. John’s resident found a passion for baking. Everything changed in mid-2013 when, at age 69, a sudden stroke left him with left-side paralysis and, in the first weeks, an inability to speak or to swallow. “My wife says I was talking to her but it was all garbled.” Two-and-a-half

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Memorial U. researchers launch post-stroke search-and-rescue mission

St. JOHN’S, NL _ Newfoundlanders know a lot about search and rescue. This beautiful east-coast island has had its share of daring seaside survival stories. And now CPSR researchers at Memorial University of Newfoundland are working hard to bring that grit and determination to stroke recovery research by looking at ways to rescue brain cells and tissue in the stormy aftermath of a stroke. “We want to find out how to rescue existing brain tissue

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Terrific new resource supports living in community settings

The Heart and Stroke Foundation (HSF) is pleased to announce the launch of a new resource: Taking Action for Optimal Community and Long-Term Stroke Care. Closely linked with the HSF Canadian Stroke Best Practice Recommendations, TACLS is an evidence-based resource that provides guidance around how to provide safe care for people who have had a stroke and are living in community and long-term care settings. Developed primarily for healthcare

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Watch our video to learn about the research into Stroke Recovery and Stem Cells.

To get the answers to patients’ and families’ most-frequently-asked questions about stem cells and stroke recovery, we interviewed three experts. Dr. Dale Corbett Scientific Director and CEO Heart and Stroke Foundation Canadian Partnership for Stroke Recovery Professor, Faculty of Medicine, University of Ottawa. Dr. Corbett is a neuroscientist and stroke recovery research leader. He has done pre-clinical work on the effectiveness of stem cells

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CPSR study helps retired firefighter regain strength, confidence

ST. JOHN’S, NL _ As a firefighter, Elias Gosling was accustomed to dealing with challenges. For 33 years, the retired assistant fire chief of Argentia responded to emergencies in Newfoundland’s picturesque inland coastal area. But recovery from a major stroke, which happened while holidaying in Florida at age 71, has been his greatest challenge yet. Almost nine years later, Mr. Gosling and his wife, Norma, are still working daily to regain what

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CPSR study probes new ways to retrain the body and brain after stroke

ST. JOHN’S, NL _ A unique CPSR study that compares different combinations of mental and physical training in chronic stroke patients will help determine the optimal prescription for post-stroke recovery. In an innovative clinical trial underway in Newfoundland’s largest rehabilitation hospital, a team of CPSR researchers led by Dr. Michelle Ploughman is studying stroke recovery in 40 people by combining different kinds of computer brain games

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Do you “love to boogie”?

Toronto researchers are looking for people to participate in a CPSR-funded feasibility study that uses a dance program to improve gait and balance. It's called the "I love to boogie" trial. They need people who: Have had a stroke more than 6-months ago Can walk 10 meters without assistance Can do an activity for 50 minutes (rest breaks included) Participants would be asked to: Take part in a group dance program Perform balance tasks and tell us

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