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Monthly Archives: Tuesday February 23rd, 2016

Competition opens for catalyst grants and trainee awards in stroke recovery

Letters of Intent must be registered by March 4  Two CPSR grant opportunities just announced will: provide seed funding to encourage investigator-driven early stage, innovative and collaborative research in stroke rehabilitation & recovery, and, help train and support the next generation of research talent. Catalyst Grants:  Up to $50K per Catalyst Grant Through the Catalyst Grant initiative CPSR researchers will be able to explore novel ideas

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CPSR core facility delivers sophisticated imaging, behavioural testing and surgical expertise

Preclinical research leads to improved care for people recovering from stroke A state-of-the art preclinical research facility at the University of Ottawa is providing powerful new insight into the processes of physical and cognitive recovery in rodent models of stroke. “The work done here really parallels clinical work,” says Dr. Dale Corbett, CPSR Scientific Director and CEO. “There is huge potential for translation of the research from animals

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CPSR study helps engineer regain his balance after stroke

Nothing could have been more of a surprise to Valerie than her husband Jim’s stroke. “This was a guy who was never sick a day in his life,” she says. “He’d never taken any medication. I don’t remember the last time he had a headache.” Jim McLaughlin, a fit and youthful 65-year-old professional engineer from the Muskoka region of Ontario, was working in his home office late one night when he began to feel weak and he fell down. “I

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Recovery research helps St. John’s man make gains three years post-stroke

Ken Clift was only 51 when two sudden strokes left him with blindness in one eye, an immobile left arm and hand, and a weak left leg. “If somebody had told me I would have a stroke, I would have laughed at them,” says the former customer service representative with a Newfoundland wholesale flooring company. His life literally changed overnight. Three years later, Mr. Clift continues to battle back from stroke as a participant in a CPSR-funded

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