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Monthly Archives: Tuesday May 17th, 2016

Speech and Hearing Month event puts focus on stroke

Imagine yourself in an emergency room after a ‪#‎stroke‬ and not being able to speak or swallow. Doctors, nurses, and family members are asking you questions but you can't answer. This happened to prominent Toronto lawyer Harvey Strosberg. Tomorrow night (May 18), Mr. Strosberg will describe his experience in an interactive public session at the University of Toronto. He will be joined by leading researchers in the field, including CPSR's

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Check out the May issue of our monthly newsletter: Canadian Stroke Recovery News

Every month we send out an information-packed newsletter with all the latest news and developments in the stroke recovery research world. Check out the May issue of Canadian Stroke Recovery News HERE and be sure to join our mailing list by emailing  

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Lessons learned from the AVERT Trial

The Canadian Partnership for Stroke Recovery recently hosted renowned Australian ‪#‎stroke‬ rehabilitation researcher Dr. Julie Bernhardt. Dr. Bernhardt is leader of the AVERT Trial that looked at when to start physical rehabilitation for people after stroke. We recorded her lecture, which was delivered to students and faculty at the University of Ottawa, and we have just posted it on our website. The lecture provides highlights and lessons-learned

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Tales of the AVERT trial

Dr. Julie Bernhardt, Clinician researcher and Senior Principal Research Fellow at the Florey Institute of Neuroscience and Mental Health in Melbourne, Australia, will be at the University of Ottawa on Friday, May 6 at 11 am to deliver "Tales from the AVERT Trial" and look at the optimal window for rehabilitation after stroke. The talk, part of the CPSR seminar series, will take place in Seminar room 1421, Roger Guindon Health Sciences Building, 451

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