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Monthly Archives: Friday June 17th, 2016

Timing is everything . . .or is it? Sept. 14 panel discussion not to be missed!

Researchers, local clinicians and the public are invited to a dynamic and interactive panel discussion on the timing and intensity of post-stroke rehabilitation therapy on Wednesday, Sept. 14, preceding the opening of the Canadian Stroke Congress (Sept. 15-17) in Quebec City. The free dinnertime event, which runs from 6 pm to 9 pm at the Hotel Palace Royal, will unpack the lessons learned from a major clinical trial (AVERT). DOWNLOAD the poster here: CPSR_template_ENG-1

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Mind the connection: Link between stroke and dementia more powerful than we think

Covert strokes that Canadians don’t even recognize are increasing their risk of dementia June 9, 2016 — The Heart and Stroke Foundation 2016 Stroke Report reveals an increasingly powerful relationship between stroke and dementia due in part to covert strokes Canadians don’t realize are happening. Covert strokes occur five times more often than obvious strokes, and both are happening at a younger age, opening the door to more and earlier dementia,

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Lawyer faces personal trial when stroke leaves him unable to speak

U of T event sheds light on common but misunderstood consequences of stroke By Tijana Simic CPSR trainee and Ph.D. candidate University of Toronto Harvey Strosberg, a successful trial lawyer, was 66 years old when a top neurological team brought him, in his words, “back from the brink of oblivion” after a stroke. When he awoke, Mr. Strosberg, a man known for his impeccable use of words, “couldn’t speak. Not a word. I was mute.” He recently

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