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Monthly Archives: Thursday July 21st, 2016

REGISTER NOW! Annual Scientific Meeting of the Canadian Partnership for Stroke Recovery

Wednesday, Sept. 14, Quebec City We know it's summer and things move at a slightly different pace, but don't let the heat and humidity slow you down from registering for the Annual Scientific Meeting of the Heart and Stroke Foundation Canadian Partnership for Stroke Recovery (CPSR). Who's coming? Funded CPSR researchers and their trainees Researchers affiliated with our partner institutions: University of British Columbia, University of Calgary,

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Depression, diabetes “add up” to bad news for those recovering from stroke, CPSR study finds

Depression and diabetes "add up" to bad news for those recovering from stroke, CPSR study finds Swardfager W, MacIntosh BJ. Depression, Type 2 Diabetes, and Poststroke Cognitive Impairment. Neurorehabil Neural Repair. 2016 Jun 29. [Epub ahead of print] What was the purpose of this research? Ten percent of stroke survivors develop dementia, and after multiple strokes, this increases to more than a third. Many risk factors for stroke are also risk

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‘Stroke Recovery Solutions’ invited to submit full proposal for Network of Centres of Excellence in Knowledge Translation

In the spring, CPSR worked in partnership with Dr. Mark Bayley of Toronto Rehab and Dr. Ian Graham of OHRI to submit a Letter of Intent to the federal Networks of Centres of Excellence program as part of a competition for an international knowledge translation network in stroke recovery. Last week, the "Stroke Recovery Solutions" team was notified that they have been invited to submit a full proposal. They are among only 8 of 59 applicants moving

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CPSR SPiN workshop to be held in Vancouver

MARK YOUR CALENDARS – October 23-25, 2016 CPSR SPiN Workshop in Vancouver, BC CPSR is pleased to announce that this year’s Stroke Program in Neurorecovery (SPiN) Workshop will be held on October 23-25, 2016 in Vancouver, BC. This annual multi-day workshop is designed specifically for trainees working in the area of stroke recovery research. This year’s theme is Biomarkers and Novel Rehabilitation Technologies in Stroke Recovery Research.  Approximately

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MPP and MP visit CPSR facilities, meet researchers

Ontario MPP Lisa MacLeod (Nepean-Carleton), left with CPSR Scientific Director Dr. Dale Corbett, and Ottawa South MP David McGuinty, right with CPSR's Dr. Diane Lagace, visited CPSR research facilities this month to learn more about stroke recovery research and the important work of the Partnership. Ms. MacLeod toured facilities at uOttawa with Dr. Dale Corbett. Mr. McGuinty spent more than two hours on July 7 with Dr. Diane Lagace, visiting the

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New Site Leaders named to Planning and Priorities Committee

The 2016 slate of site leaders, who are appointed by the Scientific Director in consultation with their respective institutions, have been named to the CPSR's Planning and Priorities Committee (PPC). Members of the PPC, which is chaired by Dr. Dale Corbett, provide advice about CPSR's research direction, operations and what’s happening at their institutions. They are appointed for three-year terms. Until recently, CPSR had two overlapping committees

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Learn more about Advances in Stroke Recovery and register now

On Wednesday, Sept. 14, the CPSR will hold its Annual Scientific Meeting for members and funded researchers at the Palace Royal Hotel in Quebec City, followed by a dinner and panel discussion on the timing and intensity of post-stroke rehabilitation. Both events -- the Annual Scientific Meeting and Advances in Stroke Recovery  -- require pre-registration. The Annual Scientific Meeting begins at 8 am with a breakfast buffet at the Hotel Palace

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CPSR announces winners of catalyst & training awards

After a highly competitive research review, the CPSR has awarded 11 Catalyst Grants and 19 trainee awards for 2016-27, covering all facets of stroke recovery research. Winners and project descriptions are posted here: The winner of the Hakim Award for top-rated Catalyst Grant is Dr. Lara Boyd of the University of British Columbia. Her research looks at motor and cognitive recovery post-stroke and

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