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Monthly Archives: Friday January 27th, 2017

“You can change the brain even after it looks fully recovered”

Pediatric stroke research turns rehab on its head   Physicians have little idea of what causes strokes in children and no strategies to prevent them, but Calgary’s Dr. Adam Kirton is determined that kids who experience a stroke will live full and healthy lives and make the best possible recovery. “Rehab is a big issue in our world of perinatal stroke,” says Dr. Kirton, a HSF Canadian Partnership for Stroke Recovery researcher. “Our research

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CPSR trainee helping people regain use of arms affected by stroke

It’s not uncommon after stroke to have trouble knowing where your arms are in relation to the rest of your body. And, if you don’t know where your arms are, or how they are moving, you have trouble doing things like making a cup of tea, picking up the phone or opening a door. As part of his Masters research at the University of Calgary, CPSR-funded trainee Matt Chilvers is studying robotics and brain stimulation to learn more about proprioception

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Tracking blood flow in the brain to understand recovery

University of Calgary researchers are using advanced imaging equipment to understand how changes in blood flow after stroke relate to brain recovery. “I’m hoping that eventually we will be able to do a better job of evaluating how treatments are impacting blood flow and brain function together,” says neuroscientist and computer scientist Dr. Erin Mazerolle of the Healthy Brain Aging lab. Blood delivers oxygen and nutrients to the brain to help

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Meet the new Co-Chairs of our National Trainee Association

  Pictured above: Timal Kannangara, left, and Lisa Sheehy, right. Timal Kannangara Tell us a bit about yourself. Where are you from? I grew up in Chilliwack, B.C., and completed my undergraduate and graduate work at the University of British Columbia with Dr. Brian Christie.  Currently, I’m conducting postdoctoral work at the University of Ottawa, co-supervised by two excellent professors – Dr. Diane Lagace and Dr. Jean-Claude Béïque.

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Lessons learned from the AVERT Trial: Videos posted

In the fall, CPSR hosted its annual Advances in Stroke Recovery meeting in conjunction with the Canadian Stroke Congress. The focus of the meeting was a lively panel discussion on the lessons-learned from the AVERT Trial, the largest-ever trial on the timing and intensity of post-stroke rehabilitation. The panel was moderated by Dr. Dale Corbett, Scientific Director of CPSR, and Dr. Carol Richards of Universite Laval. Speakers included Dr. Janice

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Cycling star puts childhood stroke in the spotlight

(Photo : Michael Sametz, at right, on the podium in Rio) Michael Sametz is an incredibly accomplished young man with a smile that lights up a room. He’s a rising star in competitive cycling. He was a medallist in the 2016 Paralympic Games in Rio. And he is a business and kinesiology student at the University of Calgary with long-term dreams of a career in sports management. Michael, 20, is also a young Canadian with cerebral palsy, a condition

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CPSR researchers develop tool to promote post-stroke recovery

Innovative computer tablet could help stroke patients recover Stroke patients often spend days or weeks recovering in hospital, and while some rehabilitation services are available during this crucial time, many spend hours each day alone and inactive. But now, some stroke patients at The Ottawa Hospital are using this time for speech and language therapy using a mobile tablet-based platform developed by stroke specialist Dr. Dar Dowlatshahi and

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