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Monthly Archives: Tuesday March 28th, 2017

Dr. Hakim wins Gairdner Wightman Award

Congratulations to former CPSR Scientific Director Dr. Antoine Hakim who was awarded the prestigious Gairdner Wightman Award this morning for his work to improve stroke care in Canada. Read the news release here: Read the Ottawa Hospital Research Institute news release here:  

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Why did I have a stroke? Why today? New book probes the answers

The CPSR's Dr. Annie Rochette of the University of Montreal has written a book on #stroke that provides new insight into how psychosocial and emotion factors are involved in the timing of stroke. The book is only available in French for now. Dr. Rochette is leader of the CPSR's highly-popular Stroke Engine website:

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Mapping brains to find the route to recovery

At Alberta Children’s Hospital, Dr. Cherie Kuo spends her days making maps – intricate 3D pictures of the brains of school-age children who have experienced a stroke. “Depending on how the brain is organized, the hope is to better understand how a child will respond to a treatment and who will respond better,” says Dr. Kuo, a CPSR-funded post-doctoral fellow who recently completed her PhD in kinesiology and neuroscience at New York’s Columbia

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