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Monthly Archives: Monday November 27th, 2017

Stroke best practice updates you need to know!

A new Consensus Statement on Secondary Stroke Prevention During Pregnancy and the 2017 Update of the Canadian Stroke Best Practice Recommendations for the Secondary Prevention of Stroke are now available. Follow these links to learn more:

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Our November newsletter provides the buzz on research news, upcoming events and more

Check out the CPSR's November newsletter and learn about new research papers, the World Stroke Congress, new members of the External Scientific Advisory Committee, our Trainee Webinar series, and much more. Follow the link:

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Help evaluate two great websites with stroke recovery tools and resources

An online survey is now in place to evaluate the popular Stroke Engine website. The survey, developed by Prof Annie Rochette at the Université de Montréal, seeks to understand who is visiting the site and to measure the quality and value of the content throughout. It takes less than two minutes to provide feedback. The survey is available in English and French. Please visit to help improve this CPSR-funded website and prioritize

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