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Monthly Archives: Monday January 29th, 2018

Save the date: CPSR Annual Scientific Meeting June 11-12

Save the date: You've got to go to Gatineau! CPSR Annual Scientific Meeting: June 11-12 The Heart and Stroke Foundation Canadian Partnership for Stroke Recovery will hold its 2018 Annual Scientific Meeting on June 11 and 12 in beautiful Gatineau, Quebec -- just across the Champlain Bridge from central Ottawa and about 20 minutes by car from the Ottawa airport. The goal of the meeting is: to learn the latest research findings within CPSR; to

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Catalyst grant funding enables researcher to secure $394K award for exercise study

Funding received from CaSTOR (Canadian Stroke Trials for Optimized Results), a joint initiative of CPSR and the Canadian Stroke Consortium, helped a Montreal-based research team secure a $394K grant from the Canadian Institutes of Health Research. Dr. Marc Roig of McGill University will lead the first study to investigate the effects of high intensity interval training on brain plasticity and cardiovascular health in people living with stroke. "I

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CPSR research study leads to $903K CIHR grant to study the impact of stroke lesions on recovery

CPSR catalyst funding enabled Dr. Numa Dancause of the Universite de Montreal to collect novel preliminary data that suggest lesion location strongly affects mechanisms of neuroplasticity after stroke. And, accordingly, lesion location is likely a key factor that influences recovery. These preliminary data justified investigating further the impact of lesion location on plasticity and recovery after stroke in relevant models and helped formulate

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The next target to fight dementia: white matter disease

Photo: Dr. Walter Swardfager, above, is a CPSR scientist at Sunnybrook   Brain scientists have found that white matter disease chips away at memory by shrinking the brain, and contributing to dementia more than initially thought. “These findings highlight that the role of white matter disease in dementia has been under-appreciated,” says Dr. Walter Swardfager, lead investigator of a new study and a CPSR scientist at Sunnybrook Research Institute.

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CPSR’s Dr. Bojana Stefanovic receives $918K grant from CIHR

Sunnybrook's Dr. Bojana Stefanovic, a CPSR researcher, has been awarded a $918K research grant from CIHR for her project entitled: Modulating peri-ischemic neuronal hyperexcitability The stroke model this grant is based upon  -- and some of the insights on cerebrovascular modulations -- were first established in Dr. Stefanovic's lab thanks to CPSR catalyst funds and salary support. Read the lay summary of the research here: Despite the availability

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CPSR Calgary site leader Dr. Sean Dukelow wins major CIHR award for his robotics research

Pictured above: Dr. Sean Dukelow of the University of Calgary and Hotchkiss Brain Institute Dr. Sean Dukelow, CPSR's Calgary site leader, has received a major award from the Canadian Institutes of Health Research for his cutting-edge research into the role of robotics in stroke recovery. Dr. Dukelow, a physician who specializes in rehabilitation medicine and a PhD neuroscientist, has been awarded $952,425 over five years for RESTORE: Robot Enhanced

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Start the New Year off right: Read our January newsletter

Learn about the latest stroke recovery research publications. Meet the new co-chairs of our National Trainee Association. Find out about stroke survivor Andrew Genge's journey to the Paralympic Games in South Korea. And so much more. Our January newsletter can be found here:

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