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Planning and Priorities Committee

Members of the PPC, which is chaired by Dr. Dale Corbett, provide advice about CPSR’s research direction, operations and what’s happening at their institutions. They are appointed for three-year terms.

Members of the PPC are as follows:

·       Dr. Sandra Black, Site Leader, Sunnybrook, Ontario

·       Dr. Lara Boyd, Site Leader, University of British Columbia, British Columbia

·       Dr. Dar Dowlatshahi, Site Leader, Ottawa Hospital Research Institute, Ontario

·       Dr. Sean Dukelow, Site Leader, University of Calgary, Alberta

·       Dr. Diane Lagace, Site Leader, University of Ottawa, Ontario

·       Dr. Jed Meltzer, Site Leader, Baycrest, Ontario

·       Dr. Liz Inness, Site Leader, Toronto Rehab, Ontario

·       Dr. Michelle Ploughman, Site Leader, Memorial, Newfoundland and Labrador

·       Dr. Annie Rochette, Stroke Engine, Quebec

·       Nathalie Michaud, stroke patient advocate