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Strategic Focus 1: Conducting focused, high-impact research

In 2012, the CPSR defined three research priorities for investment:  1) exercise interventions to improve stroke recovery and brain health, 2) exploring the relationship between small vessel disease, cognitive function, covert stroke and Alzheimer’s Disease: development of therapeutic interventions, and 3) regenerative approaches to stroke recovery and brain health.  Research in these three areas is being supported through 16 catalyst grants and 7 expansion grants at non-CPSR sites across the country.  Over the next three years, the CPSR will:

  • Strategically allocate research funds to ensure its research has impact.
  • Reinvigorate and expand CPSR research platforms.
  • Develop a vibrant national trainee community and related programs.

Strategic Focus 2: Developing long-term, mutually beneficial partnerships

The focus over the next three years will be on strengthening stakeholder relationships, including participating institutions, HSF, and stroke recovery associations, and on adding partner institutions that have leading researchers in stroke recovery research.

  • Nurture existing partnerships.
  • Recruit additional partner institutions.

Strategic Focus 3: Translating knowledge into practice

Knowledge translation ensures research evidence is applied in practice. To ensure its research has the desired impact, the CPSR will:

  • Invest in 2-3 knowledge translation programs per year.
  • Enhance knowledge translation capabilities within the CPSR.

Strategic Focus 4: Promoting improved care and services

There is a need for a national champion in improving access to evidence-based care and services for those affected by stroke.  The CPSR can play an important supporting and catalytic role and, in particular, it will:

  • Support provinces in moving their stroke rehabilitation agendas forward.
  • Help make a case for improved stroke rehabilitation and recovery services.