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Catalyst grants and trainee awards announced!

Following a rigorous competition and external review, the following individuals have been awarded funding from the Heart and Stroke Foundation Canadian Partnership for Stroke Recovery for 2014-15. Catalyst grants are valued at $50,000 each. Trainee awards, named in honour of CPSR’s former Board chair and vice-chair, support young researchers doing valuable work to advance stroke recovery.

The recipients are:


1)      Jean-Claude Béïque (uOttawa) -Direct Visualization of axonal projections during stroke recovery

2)      Dina Brooks and  Paul Oh (TRI-UHN) – Effects of Combined Resistance and Aerobic Training versus Aerobic Training Alone on Cognition and Mobility following Stroke (RAvA)

3)      Dale Corbett (uOttawa) – Stimulating endogenous brain repair to promote cognitive recovery following neonatal hypoxia-ischemia

4)      Kullervo Hynynen (Sunnybrook) – Stimulating neurogenesis and plasticity to enhance recovery in a rat model of focal stroke

5)      Bernard Jasmin (uOttawa) – Impact of “Exercise Mimetics” that Modulate Skeletal Muscle Phenotype on Brain Repair and Recovery Following Focal Ischemic Stroke

6)      Diane Lagace (uOttawa) – Defining the Neural Circuits Underlying Exercise Interventions in Stroke Recovery

7)      Nancy Salbach (TRI-UHN) – Exploring the Impact of a Community-Based Exercise Program on Physical Function, Participation and Caregiver Health among People with Stroke and their Caregivers

8)      Bojana Stefanovic (Sunnybrook) – The hidden risk factor: small vessel disease and vascular remodelling in AD

9)      Stephen Strother (Baycrest, RRI) – A System for Automatic Lesion Delineation, with Application to Prediction of Recovery from Stroke and Treatment Efficacy.

10)   Marianne Thornton and Marilyn MacKay-Lyons (OHRI) – Use of eLearning methods to evaluate best practice application of AEROBICS guidelines by physiotherapists within the Champlain Regional Stroke Network: A pilot study [Top Ranked Grant – Winner of Hakim Award]


  • Brandon Vasquez (supervisor: Nicole Anderson, Baycrest) – Luc Vanneste Graduate Student Award ($12,500 per year for two years)
  • Mireille Khacho (supervisor: Ruth Slack, uOttawa)  – Martin Rothstein Post-Doctoral Fellowship Award ($25,000 per year for two years)

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