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Congratulations to Dr. Teasell and the team!

Congratulations to Dr. Robert Teasell, director of the CPSR-funded Evidence-based Review of Stroke Rehabilitation He has been selected as the recipient of the prestigious 2018 Award of Excellence in Post-Acute Stroke. This international award is co-sponsored by the American Congress of Rehabilitation Medicine and the National Stroke Association and recognizes outstanding clinical, intellectual, and service contributions in the area of stroke. The ACRM is the world’s largest interdisciplinary rehabilitation research conference with nearly 2,500 attendees and has become the largest stroke rehabilitation conference. The conference takes place in Dallas, Texas from Sept. 30-Oct. 3. 

And speaking of, the team is currently working on updating and launching the 18th version of the Evidence-Based Review of Stroke Rehabilitation (EBRSR). EBRSR was recently selected for the development of stroke guidelines/protocol in Indiana, USA, (“After reviewing evidence-based research information online,  your research is by far the most thorough and applicable to our needs,” the Indiana guideline developer wrote) and guidelines for the Philippines, which will be presented at the Philippine Academy of Rehabilitation Medicine meeting in May.

Dr. Teasell will also present on “Stroke rehabilitation guidelines: a global perspective” at the International Society of Physical and Rehabilitation Medicine World Congress (ISPRM 2018) in Paris, France, July 8-12 2018.

While he receives many international honours, back at home Dr. Teasell has been awarded the Scientist of the Year Award, Lawson Research Institute. And, Amanda McIntyre, a member of the Team, won the Impact Leadership Award for Fellows and Students at the London, ON-based research institute. Congratulations to Dr. Teasell and the Team!

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