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CPSR launches 2017 competition for collaborative grants and trainee awards in stroke recovery

Letters of Intent must be registered by March 3 

2017 CPSR funding opportunities:

  • Collaborative Grants (catalyst and implementation science)
  • Trainee Awards (post-doctoral fellowship and graduate studentship)

Learn more here: 
2017 CPSR Funding Competition RFP (English)     2017 CPSR Funding Competition RFP (French)

Collaborative Grants (Up to $50K each):

Catalyst Grants: CPSR catalyst grant awards are intended to provide seed funding to encourage investigator-driven early stage, innovative and collaborative research in stroke rehabilitation and recovery. By providing targeted seed funding and facilitating collaborations among leading national stroke recovery researchers, CPSR intends to stimulate new ideas and new discoveries that will advance our mission to identify, support and share game changing stroke recovery research. An additional $20,000 will be awarded for the top-ranked catalyst grant for the Dr. Tony Hakim Stroke Research Award.

Implementation Science Grants (*New)CPSR implementation science grants are intended to provide seed funding for research studies investigating strategies and approaches to facilitate the implementation and adoption of evidence-informed stroke rehabilitation and recovery knowledge. Examples include (but are not limited to): improving post-stroke depression screening, diagnosis and management; increasing access to stroke rehabilitation services in rural and urban setting using technology; adopting sustainable community-based exercise programs for those living with stroke.

Trainee awards:
Matching funds for graduate students and post-doctoral fellows

CPSR trainee awards will help provide recognition and funding to trainees early in their academic research career and fortify their commitment as stroke recovery researchers. Fostering high calibre trainees and encouraging cross training in translational approaches to stroke rehabilitation and recovery is an important strategic priority of the CPSR. By providing targeted funding for trainees who have access to leading national and international stroke recovery researchers, we intend to help train the next generation of stroke recovery researchers who will stimulate new ideas, foster new collaborations and make new discoveries that will advance our mission to identify, support and share game-changing stroke recovery  research. The respective top-ranked applicants will be awarded the Martin Rothstein Post-Doctoral Award and the Luc Vanneste Graduate Student Award.

Key Dates:

Request for proposals issued……………………. 06 Feb 2017
Deadline for registration………………………….. 03 Mar 2017 (5pm EST)
Deadline for proposal submission………………. 07 Apr 2017 (5pm EST)
Catalyst grant award results announced……….. 23 June 2017
Funding start date………………………………….. 01 Jul 2017

Please direct any questions about this funding competition to: Farrell Leibovitch, CPSR Director, Research and Training Programs, email:

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