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CPSR scientist wins major award for mental health research

Dr. Paul Albert recognized for groundbreaking discoveries in mental health

Dr. Paul Albert of the OHRI and uOttawa has received the top research award from the Canadian College of Neuropsychopharmacology (the Heinz Lehmann Award) for his “outstanding and innovative research” in mental health. Nearly 30 years ago, Dr. Albert performed the first detailed studies on two genes that play a key role in how brain cells talk to each other (the serotonin and dopamine receptor genes). He went on to show that mutations in the serotonin receptor gene are associated with depression, suicide and reduced response to antidepressants, and he dissected the underlying molecular pathway. His research could lead to new treatments for depression that could be tailored to an individual’s genetic profile. Dr. Albert is also investigating innovative approaches to treat post-stroke depression. According to one of the nomination letters for the award, Dr. Albert “has made huge and lasting contributions to neurophyschopharmacology in Canada and worldwide.” According to Dr. Albert, the award reflects the hard work and dedication of his many trainees over the years.

Read about Dr. Albert’s CPSR research into post-stroke depression HERE.

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