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CPSR Virtual Reality project highlighted at NeuroTech Ontario Showcase

Dr. Lisa Sheehy, who is co-chair of the CPSR’s National Trainee Association, showcased her CPSR Virtual Reality Study at the NeuroTech Ontario Showcase on October 26 in Ottawa. She participated in a similar event at Queen’s Park in Toronto earlier in the week.

Dr. Sheehy’s study is funded by a CPSR Implementation Science grant and tests the use of virtual reality in stroke rehab at five centres across Canada, including Vancouver, Moncton, Fredericton, Timmins and Ottawa. She is training therapists to use a virtual reality tools and equipment (developed in Montreal) and measuring the uptake.

“The eventual goal is to have virtual reality in a lot different places,” says Dr. Sheehy, who works out of Bruyère Research Institute in Ottawa.

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