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Do you “love to boogie”?

Toronto researchers are looking for people to participate in a CPSR-funded feasibility study that uses a dance program to improve gait and balance. It’s called the “I love to boogie” trial.

They need people who:

  • Have had a stroke more than 6-months ago
  • Can walk 10 meters without assistance
  • Can do an activity for 50 minutes (rest breaks included)

Participants would be asked to:

  • Take part in a group dance program
  • Perform balance tasks and tell us what you think of the dance program

Time commitment:

  • 1-hour dance session 2-times a week for 10-weeks at the University of Toronto
  • Also, we will ask you to visit Toronto Rehab one time before and one time after the program to test things like balance and walking (1.5 hours each)

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