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Help evaluate two great websites with stroke recovery tools and resources

An online survey is now in place to evaluate the popular Stroke Engine website. The survey, developed by Prof Annie Rochette at the Université de Montréal, seeks to understand who is visiting the site and to measure the quality and value of the content throughout.

It takes less than two minutes to provide feedback. The survey is available in English and French.

Please visit to help improve this CPSR-funded website and prioritize future developments. All data are analyzed anonymously.

Stroke Engine is the go-to site for information on stroke recovery and rehabilitation. It gets more than 10,000 visitors a week (over 40,000 a month!) The site is experiencing some minor slowdowns right now due to higher traffic volumes, but we are working to increase capacity and speed things up right away.


Canadian Stroke Best Practices Recommendations:

Participate in the pop-up survey on the Canadian Stroke Best Practices Recommendations website. The goal of the survey is to ensure the website is as user-friendly and valuable as possible. Please help our colleagues at Heart & Stroke gain your insight as they work to redesign and improve this important information tool. The survey is available in English and French.

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