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On Wednesday, Sept. 14, the CPSR will hold its Annual Scientific Meeting for members and funded researchers at the Palace Royal Hotel in Quebec City, followed by a dinner and panel discussion on the timing and intensity of post-stroke rehabilitation. Both events — the Annual Scientific Meeting and Advances in Stroke Recovery  — require pre-registration.

The Annual Scientific Meeting begins at 8 am with a breakfast buffet at the Hotel Palace Royal, followed by a brief update on the CPSR from the management team. From 9 am to 10:30 am, a four-person panel of experts (covering topics from stem cells to transcranial magnetic stimulation to optogenetics to imaging) will probe Promising Regenerative Interventions for stroke recovery. From 11 am to 12:30 pm, a second panel will discuss Promising Therapeutic Interventions for stroke recovery (covering topics from exercise to robotics to tablet technologies). In the afternoon, interactive breakout sessions will focus on Forging New Priorities and Collaborations in the areas of Telerehabilitation, Exercise and Cognition, Regenerative Approaches, and Clinical Trials. The meeting ends at 4 pm.

REGISTER here for our Annual Scientific Meeting, which is open at no charge to funded researchers and their trainees and to researchers affiliated with our partner institutions: University of British Columbia, University of Calgary, Sunnybrook Research Institute, Baycrest, Toronto Rehab, University of Ottawa, Ottawa Hospital Research Institute, and Memorial University, as well to members of the CPSR National Trainee Association:

At 6 pm, Advances in Stroke Recovery in the Ballroom at the Palace Royal will be moderated by Dr. Carol Richards of Laval University and CPSR Scientific Director Dr. Dale Corbett. The evening will begin with a buffet dinner followed by a lively panel discussion with Dr. Tom Carmichael of UCLA, Dr. Andrew Demchuk of the University of Calgary, Dr. Janice Eng of the University of British Columbia, Dr. Gert Kwakkel of VU University Medical Centre in The Netherlands on the timing of post-stroke rehab and the lessons learned from the AVERT Trial. There is no fee for this dinner and meeting, however registration is required and the event is almost half subscribed already. REGISTER here:

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