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New video focuses on what to do when recovery stalls

CPSR has produced a new video that looks at stalls in recovery after stroke. The video, called Stages of Recovery,  features interviews with CPSR’s Drs Mark Bayley, Janice Eng and Dale Corbett and provides insight into why recovery slows down and what to do when stalls occur. Here’s the link:

Among take-aways for people living with stroke and their families:

  • don’t get discouraged because everyone’s recovery is different
  • although progress slows down after the first few months, recovery can continue for years
  • keep exercising and keep moving
  • use your weakened limb repeatedly and as much as you can
  • take your medication to prevent another stroke
  • reduce stress and surround yourself with people who care about you
  • participate in social activities in your community.


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