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Partnership moves to final round in NCE Competition



The Heart & Stroke Foundation Canadian Partnership for Stroke Recovery (CPSR) has been selected as one of 11 finalists in a highly competitive process to become one of Canada’s Networks of Centres of Excellence (NCE). 

CPSR was among about 70 research groups from across the country to submit a Letter of Intent in November as part of the first round of the NCE competition. Last week, CPSR was invited to submit a full proposal to the NCE program by July 16, 2017. CPSR will present to an external review panel in August and a funding decision will made later in the year.  

CPSR has asked for funding to significantly ramp up activities in research, training and knowledge translation.

If successful, this effort will build on the solid foundation of the CPSR and the legacy of the Canadian Stroke Network.

Our partner, the Heart and Stroke Foundation, is working hand in hand with CPSR to support this major effort.

CPSR is the leading research organization in the world focused on stroke recovery.CPSR supports  game-changing research, clinical trials, and a national training program. It is involved in major international collaborations, and knowledge translation successes.

What is the urgency?

Stroke recovery and access to post-stroke rehabilitation is a major public health issue in Canada. There are more than 405,000 Canadians living with long-term disability from stroke. Stroke affects everyone — all ages, genders, ethnicities, and socio-economic groups. And, while more people than ever are surviving stroke, the number of people living with disability is expected to double in the next 20 years.

On top of that, there are large gaps in access to care from one part of Canada to another and among different populations.

The CPSR has a plan to address these gaps and to make a real impact on stroke recovery for all Canadians.

We look forward to working with our research community over the coming months as we develop the full proposal. Stay tuned!

IN PHOTO: Respected neuroscientists Dr. Dale Corbett, left, of the University of Ottawa and Dr. Lara Boyd, right, of the University of British Columbia co-lead the proposed Network of Centres of Excellence in stroke recovery.

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