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Running triggers production of a molecule that repairs the brain in animal models of neurodegenerative disease

A team led by OHRI’s Dr. David Picketts discovered that a molecule triggered by running can help repair certain kinds of brain damage in animal models. They found that this molecule, called VGF nerve growth factor, helps to heal the protective coating that surrounds and insulates nerve fibres. Their study, published in Cell Reports, could pave the way for new treatments for multiple sclerosis and other neurodegenerative disorders that involve damaged nerve insulation. The group has now received funding to further investigate VGF from the MS Society of Canada and the HSF Canadian Partnership for Stroke Recovery. See media releaseThe Ottawa CitizenThe Globe and MailCTV News OttawaCBC News OttawaCBC News Ottawa online, Metro OttawaGlobal NewsDiscover MagazineLondon Free PressCBC Radio Ottawa MorningCBS newsNBC,ABCMedical News TodayCJCH TViNews, iTech and iAfricaCo-authors: Matías Alvarez-Saavedra, Yves De Repentigny, Doo Yang, Ryan W. O’Meara, Keqin Yan, Lukas E. Hashem, Lemuel Racacho, lya Ioshikhes, Dennis E. Bulman, Robin J. Parks, Rashmi Kothary.

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