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Recruiting Studies

The following is a list of studies by CPSR researchers who are recruiting volunteers for their stroke studies.

Tele‐rehabilitation for cognitive disability post‐stroke: Enhancing function in the face of geographical disparities

Study Objective: To investigate the feasibility and preliminary efficacy of delivering a rehabilitation intervention shown to reduce disability post‐stroke via tele‐rehabilitation.

Click for more information: DawsonD – Cognition ADL Telerehab May312016


Cognitive Changes and Rehabilitation in People With Transient Ischemic Attack, Stroke, or Stroke Risk Factors

Study Objective: Through this study, we hope to 1) improve assessment of iWMD injury effects through behavioral assessment and multimodal brain imaging and 2) apply rehabilitation specifically for complex information processing deficits in small vessel white matter stroke.

Click for more information: LevineB – Cognitive Changes and Rehab July 2016


The relationship of rhythm abilities and gait after stroke

Study Objective: To describe the relationship between rhythm abilities and the ability to walk with a regular pattern, and also to self‐evaluate the walking pattern after stroke. The other aim of this study is to describe brain activity when performing rhythm tests.

Click for more information: PattersonK – Rhythm and gait


Computer Games for Speech Rehabilitation in Patients with Stroke

Study Objective: To investigate the effect of a novel game-based treatment approach on speech recovery post stroke.

Click for more information: YunusovaY – Speech Rehab June3016