Online Tools: EBRSR Stroke Engine

Clinicians and Researchers

The HSF Canadian Partnership for Stroke Recovery supports two very important resources that provide research evidence on stroke recovery:

1. Stroke Engine includes all the latest research evidence on therapies for stroke recovery. Stroke Engine is a leading international tool, used by patients, families and clinicians. This easy-to-navigate site bridges the gap between research findings and clinical practice.

2. The Evidence-based Review of Stroke Rehabilitation provides valuable research evidence into stroke recovery. The tool feeds academic research and informs best practices. The EBRSR includes in-depth reviews of well over 2,000 studies including 1,431 randomized controlled trials. Parts of the EBRSR have been translated into a number of languages.

A 2015 report commissioned by CPSR on the Prevalence of long-term disability from stroke ( stroke-prevalence-report-2015-02-25) provides information on the number of people living with long-term stroke disability in Canada and projections for the future. The report was published in the journal Stroke.

The Heart and Stroke Foundation has developed a website for people working in the field of stroke. It includes information about research programs, funding opportunities and professional development resources. Visit

Canadian Best Practice Recommendations for Stroke Care website includes best practice guidelines on stroke rehabilitation, performance measurement and evaluation tools, the latest research evidence, information on “Stroke Services Distinction” accreditation, and more. It also includes resources and tools for clinicians to distribute to patients and families, including Getting On With the Rest of Your Life After Stroke, and the Patient and Family Guide to Pediatric Stroke. Visit

CaSTOR, Canadian Stroke Trials for Optimized Results, is a joint initiative of the Canadian Partnership for Stroke Recovery and the Canadian Stroke Consortium. Read about it here:  CaSTOR Fact Sheet The website of the Calgary Pediatric Stroke Program including the latest research and resources on stroke in children.

Quality of Stroke Care in Canada (2011):
 A comprehensive pan-Canadian report describing the quality of stroke care and making recommendations on how it may be improved.