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Welcome to the CPSR National Trainee Association!


The HSF Canadian Partnership for Stroke Recovery (CPSR) National Trainee Association is part of the CPSR’s strategic plan to develop a vibrant national trainee community and related programs. Trainees are a major driving force within research, both in their immediate impact on research projects and their future roles as research leaders. Our goal within CPSR is to enhance the trainee experience and further engage their interest in stroke recovery research in order to increase the likelihood of future success.


Our mission is to create a national trainee community by facilitating networking and collaborations and translational interdisciplinary cross-training opportunities in stroke recovery research. We will accomplish this by providing programs and opportunities for trainees to excel and collaborate with a specific focus on stroke recovery research.

Within the CPSR Training pages, you will find:

  • Awards– Highlighting salary support awards for CPSR trainees working with CPSR scientists at CPSR partner sites
  • Events– We will use this page to regularly communicate information about upcoming CPSR events & activities that may be of interest to you, such as the 2015 Stroke Program in Neurorecovery (SPiN) workshop.
  • Mentorship – You will find important information about mentoring opportunities within CPSR NTA
  • Profiles– We will use this page to profile different trainees, helping you get exposure, highlighting recent achievements and facilitating collaborations with mentors and colleagues.


How to become a CPSR NTA member?  See bottom of this page


Membership List

2017 CPSR Trainee Association Membership List (click link to open membership list)

Click the link above to view the full list of CPSR NTA members including a brief profile on each (where they are studying, areas of interest, etc).

Please take a moment to review your information, and please let us know of any missing information, or any edits you would like to see.

Please send us any missing, incorrect or new information so that we can update your profiles.

You can do so by downloading the excel file, updating it, and then sending us the saved file with the edited information. Alternatively, you can send us the updated information via email – send to [email protected]

Please note that all information provided will be reviewed prior to be being posted on the website.

Note: If you would like us to remove your information from our list, please send us an email at [email protected] indicating that you wish to be removed.


Membership Distribution

As of February 2016, we have 145 trainees at various stages of training affiliated with the CPSR National Trainee Association. The following graphs give you an idea of the overall distribution of trainees. Click on each one to enlarge.

CPSR NTA Profile Distributions By Trainee Geography 20160225

How to become a CPSR NTA member? 

To join the CPSR NTA (no cost to join), please:

Complete the following online surveyNTA Sign Up, which will provide us with a brief profile of who you are and your research focus (you can view the link above for membership to see what information will be shared with other to help increase your visibility).

Please note that all information provided will be reviewed prior to be being posted on the website

We hope you will find the information on these pages useful!  We always welcome feedback – please send all comments/suggestions to [email protected]


Thank you to all trainees for your continued commitment and participation in the CPSR National Trainee Association!

CPSR NTA Executive

Timal Kannangara, PhD (Basic Science Co-Chair), University of Ottawa

Farrell Leibovitch, MSc Director, Research and Training Programs, CPSR

Lisa Sheehy, PhD (Clinical Research Co-Chair), University of Ottawa

Karen Truong, BSc Research Program Coordinator, CPSR