We are the leading research organization in the world focused on stroke recovery

  • We bring together the top researchers across Canada. And, we involve patients and families every step of the way.
  • We are building on the legacy of the Canadian Stroke Network (CSN), one of the most successful-ever Networks of Centres of Excellence. CSN improved prevention and reorganized care for stroke patients across Canada. Now, more people than ever survive a stroke, but there are many more people left with long-term deficits.
  • We are leaders in the international Stroke Recovery and Rehabilitation Roundtable – a group that has developed guidelines to standardized research around the world. 
  • We have strong partnerships with Heart & Stroke, March of Dimes, the Aphasia Institute, Brain Canada, Canadian technology companies, and the leading rehab research centres. 

"I’m excited about working globally with CPSR and I think it’s time we aspired to cure stroke"

Dr. Julie Bernhardt, leader of the AVERT Trial, University of Melbourne, Australia

“I am just one face of stroke. Every stroke is different and the outcomes and deficits vary from person to person. Stroke is complex and complicated and the recovery can be slow and terrifying and infuriating. That’s why the work of the CPSR is important.”  

Garima Dwivedi, stroke survivor, member of the CPSR’s Stroke Community Advisory Committee