June 18, 2019

Are you planning to submit a CIHR or HSF grant in September? Did you recently submit a grant that didn't get funded? CPSR is here to help! 

We have a small but committed expert panel of senior CPSR researchers - spanning preclinical and clinical fields - who are willing to pre-review your grants and provide feedback to help improve the rankings. 

Let us know by July 5 if you are interested in taking advantage of this unique opportunity by sending a quick email to farrell@canadianstroke.ca  indicating your intent to submit a proposal for pre-review. 

Then, send a copy of your complete grant proposal, along with any previous reviews. Please indicate where you plan to submit. It is essential that you indicate which panel you are submitting to so we can avoid potential conflict-of-interest issues with current panel members.

From the reviewer list that we will send you, please indicate any individuals who should be EXCLUDED from viewing your submission.  All submissions will be kept confidential and only shared with the intended reviewers, and we will aim to avoid any conflicts of interest. 

We will share this information with the most appropriate reviewers and arrange a Zoom teleconference with the reviewers to provide you with feedback and the opportunity to ask questions. We aim to do this within two to four weeks of receiving your proposals, and we will review proposals as they come in.

Deadlines to submit your proposal for pre-review: 

Registration deadline to confirm intent to submit: Friday, July 5, 2019
HSF grant pre-review submission deadline: Thursday, August 1, 2019 
CIHR grant pre-review submission deadline:  Tuesday August 13, 2019 
(We strongly encourage you to submit before the deadlines to ensure you receive timely feedback.)

Please email your information to Farrell Leibovitch, CPSR Director Research & Training Programs, at farrell@canadianstroke.ca.