Lori Beaver

Lori Beaver is from Calgary, and had a career in Aboriginal tourism when she had a stroke in November, 2003.  The stroke was caused by a dissection in her carotid artery, and left her paralyzed on her right side along with significant asphasia.  She spent four months at the Foothills Medical Centre re-learning how to talk, walk, etc.  Years later, she returned to be a peer supporter to stroke patients and with the assistance of the Calgary Stroke Program staff, developed the INSPIRES Program (In-patient Support Program in Recovery from Stroke), now with 13 peer supporters. She has volunteered at a number of Heart & Stroke events, and spoke at the Stroke Congress in Calgary in 2012.  Lori still shows the effects of stroke with walking and right hand due to spasticity, and continues to exercise to combat the tightness of her muscles. Lori is a member of the Alderville First Nation, which is located north of Cobourg, Ontario.