More than 405,000 Canadians live with
long-term disability from stroke.
The number will double in 20 years.

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Stem cells can become neurons within the stroke-injured brain – making them potential big players in recovery

November 20, 2018
New research is igniting excitement about the capacity of stem cells to improve stroke recovery and outlining new and compelling directions for stroke research.

Media Advisory: Ottawa Stroke Summit on Nov. 2 highlights innovations in stroke prevention, treatment and recovery

October 30, 2018
On Friday, Nov. 2, the stroke community comes together at the Ottawa Stroke Summit. Chairing the event are stroke neurologist Dr. Grant Stotts, Director of the Ottawa Stroke Program, and stroke rehabilitation specialist Dr. Debbie Timpson of Pembroke Regional Hospital.

Marijuana use might lead to higher risk of stroke, World Stroke Congress to be told

October 19, 2018
Review of U.S. hospital statistics shows rise in stroke incidence among marijuana users from 2010-14 while overall stroke prevalence remained stable

Canadian-led international study shows huge costs of delayed access to stroke care

October 18, 2018
“Faster treatment results in better outcomes and better quality of life,” said Dr. Michael Hill of the Department of Clinical Neurosciences at the University of Calgary, one of the study authors. “The speed of treatment is one of the modifiable factors that will improve outcomes and reduce cost at both the system and the hospital level.”

"The Canadian Partnership for Stroke Recovery's strength is in its people. We are fortunate in Canada to have a great wealth of people who are leading the way globally in stroke recovery research. This is why I am involved. Great things can be accomplished when we work together. This idea is even reflected in the name. The organization is truly a partnership."

Ada Tang, PhD, CPSR Knowledge Translation Advisory Committee, McMaster University

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